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  • The text is well-organized into smaller modules to make it easier for students to digest.
  • For example, at least four ways to create a footer are introduced.
  • While time-saving, they provide well prepared material for in-class use.
  • Again, adding a table of contents and a glossary and/or Index at the end would make the book complete.

A downloadable data set provided with this text with additional examples for exploration beyond the references to the textbook examples would have made it more clear. Introducing Cindy McGuckin, the illustrious IT trainer with over two decades of expertise, poised to lead you on a transformative learning journey. Cindy’s passion for empowering learners shines through every lesson she teaches. With mastery in Microsoft Office and QuickBooks, Cindy’s online courses have garnered hundreds of 5-star reviews. Her no-nonsense teaching approach to unraveling complex topics captivates learners, making her classes engaging and riveting.

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The chapters and sections are very consistent, as are the end-of-chapter exercise and test materials. The graphics are displayed well with limited use of colors and extraneous material. Each graphic is clickable to display a larger, higher definition display.

The text flows easily from chapter to chapter and from section to section in each chapter. Many other texts jump too quickly into advanced MS Excel tasks without building a knowledge base. This textbook scaffolds skills at an appropriate pace for a beginner.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Training Manual Classroom in a Book

I think this book is extremely clear and how it is written and in how the material is laid out. There is an appropriate blend of text, listed instructions and graphics along with appropriate hyperlinks that allow for ease of navigation within the document. I think this is certainly appropriate for an online text book and I think most students would find this to be very user-friendly. I think this is a real competitive advantage with this book whether it is being used as a textbook as part of a formal class or if it was being used as a textbook to serve as reference material. Again, adding a table of contents and a glossary and/or Index at the end would make the book complete. The textbook is consistent in terms of both terminology and framework.

This book is free of the unnecessary fluff that pads a lot of the expensive textbooks on Microsoft Office. The technical terminology used is appropriate for beginning students. The chapters follow a consistent format and are easy to follow. Instructions are presented for both Windows and Mac users without feeling too bulky. Great recommendation to my students and I highly recommend this to any faculty member looking for an OER textbook for an introductory Excel course. It is definitely clear with the pictures and transitions explained clearly in supporting text.

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With some modifications along with additional supplemental materials, students could complete the chapters and assignments from this text regardless of the version of Windows or Excel being used. I think the book would be useful for an introductory class in Excel or for a supplement in a class using Excel. I liked the fact that each of the chapters provided data for the students to follow along with the exercises and had summary practice exercises for students. The book is based on Excel 2016, but the content is still applicable to a newer version (Excel 2019).

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

Each chapter begins with detailed learning objectives followed by an introduction of the chapter content. Hands on chapter tests are also included for each chapter. This reviewer will likely Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons recommend this text to future classes as a convenient Excel review tool. This textbook was written for a community college introductory course in spreadsheets utilizing Microsoft Excel.

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